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The Country Hearth even will warranty their service!  If we come to your home or perform shop repair, and we can't fix it - we do not charge at all - Not One Penny!  If we do fix the issue discribed to us we warrant that service for One Calander Year!  If we need to make a second trip to repair the same problem it's our dime not yours, we must charge for additional parts if needed.  That Service/Labor warranty is in effect for one calander year of the original service call. This is our confidence in our service.

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Our Mission:

With all the quality choices of Heating Appliances and Grills, Country Hearth is here to help you find the perfect product to make your home a Showcase.  We will only perform what we would do in our own house, and most likely better. Coupling our dedication to educate and instruct customers with service of appliances, and manufacturing custom parts. Country Hearth can fit any budget.

About Us - Who We Are And What We Do!

We are a family owned and operated Toledo, Ohio business that has a 3 generation history of entrepeneurs, successful business originators and operators.

Since 1987, when we opened our door and in 1989 incorporating to a C Corporation, we have made it our mission to educate and service our community with the latest and greatest in technology, and most advanced heating and grilling appliances that we feel are the best. 

These are appliances we have in our homes; They all have been through what we call the "Tim Test". The most abusive, and distructive treatment know to humanity.  They have been through extreme wear and tear, along with warranties and warranty claims, so we are sure that our customers will not have any service problems with the product or problems with the manufacturer concerning warranty.

We strive for excellence in products and service at a fair rate. Along with a smile, and the possibility of a bad joke.

Above all we believe in giving back to the community, year round, not just the holidays. We feel it's our duty to help others as much as we all can.

We even will repair product purchased from another company, even after shopping our store and purchasing elsewhere.

In short, we are "Nice People, Serving Nice People". And you can be assured we will always stand behind the products we sell.  If you buy it on the internet your on your own.

All of our installers are our employees, trained and certified, and in some cases over qualified. Not one of us would ever do anything to put you at risk, or your family.