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We do not handle the Bargin Box Store 5 year warranty discount products. We believe if you are adding a quality wood stove to your home you should have Lifetime warranty quality chimney.  You will always save with quality even if it costs a bit more.

Wood Stove Chimney Systems and Components.

Unfortunatly if you are adding to an exsisting Chimney we need to know the brand as no two brands mix.

We Handle alot of different brands - These shown are only examples.  Ask Us!

Chimney Systems

Solid Pack or Air Cooled Class A - UL approved Solid Fuel Chimney

Solid Pack Chimney Systems

"Solid Pack" Class A Piping a more concise chimney system. the external diameter is less than the Air Cooled Piping. Just as safe! Brands we prefer to represent are:

Air Cooled Chimney Systems

"Air Cooled" Class A Chimney Systems are a light weight multi chambered piping systems. The Brands we prefer to represent are:

Black Single Wall Interior Piping

Single Wall Welded Black Pipe

"Single Wall" Black piping is used in the house from the stove and connects to the Insulated piping. The clearance from this pipe to a combustible wall is a minimum of 18", if less clearance is required then the "DVL Close Clearance Piping.  Clearances will be determined by the installation manual of the Stove. 

DVL Double Wall Close Clearance Interior Piping

DVL Close Clearance Pipe

"DVL" interior chimney piping is stainless steel interior with an air space to the black exterior.  Refer to your stove manufacturer installation manual to the reduced clearances for close clearance pipe.

Wood burning Insert Liner Systems

Liner Systems are utilized with the installation of modern Woodburning Inserts. Not for safety but for function.  The new EPA certified UL approved inserts utilize a top air injection after burner system, the liner provides the proper draw pressure to pull the air into these "after burner" tubes.  The current day inserts require the metered draw of the insulated liner system.

Liner System Installation

Liner Kit