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This is the High temperature product used in Stove Doors, Insert Doors, gas wood or pellet burning appliances. Also used on the Space Shuttle.  The product simply put is Lithium Silicate and is not actually glass, but a ceramic compound that has an amber tint.  This glass or ceramic product is fairly soft in comparison to glass, and is very cuttable.  This metallic compound radiates heat very rapidly like metal, but also expands like metal so when it's installed into a metal door frame it must be gasketed so not to make contact with other metal or it can break.

Stove Glass PyroCeramic

Stove Glass High Temperature Ceramic  3/16" Thickness

Country Hearth sells 3 types of transparent material suitable for use in wood, coal and pellet stoves.  Pyroceram/Robax transparent ceramic. Tempax which is much like Pyrex used in cookware. Mica is a mineral that is split into thin transparent sheets.

Pyroceram/Robax has a thermal shock rating of 1380 degrees F makes it ideal for any application where high temperature tolerance is required. Rarely is it used for fireplace doors because of it's low mechanical strength, it does require a full frame.  It is often used in industrial high temperature applications.

Pyroceram/Robax can be pattern cut and shipped same day, provided we have an exact template.

This product is far more valuable and costly than Tempered Glass, but it's application is more exact.

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