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Vented and Unvented Gas Logs, We have them for you! This Page is dedicated to Vented  and Vent Free Gas Logs.  Vented Gas Logs are designed for installation into a fully functional Wood Burning Fireplace!  These gas logs must be burned with the damper completely open while burning.  Designed specifically for ambiance, they do produce a little heat.

Vent Free Gas Logs CAN BE Vented and utilize less gas, and offer a lot more control options for example Remote Controls.

Gas Logs

WOW! Holy Smokes! Holy Toledo! there's a lot to choose from.  When you go to the grocery store and there's a lot of peas to choose from, many brands of canned peas, many brands are frozen peas.  Our belief is you gotta like 1 of them.  So we have copied all of our brands and styles for you, there's gotta be 1 you'll like!  Some say peas are peas, well as you know that's not true.  I'm providing the resources to investigate our Gas Logs.

Vented or Vent Free Gas LogsVented or Vent Free Gas Logs

Vented and vent FreeVented and vent Free