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Country Hearth

Wood Burning Semi Air Tight Heat Exchangers are a great solution to a drafty masonary fireplace that you can achieve some excellent heat.  Built with Pyroceramic Stove Glass so they are meant to be burned closed, but can be burned open if desired.  Equipt with a circulating fan system, they produce 40,000BTUs worth of heat without sucking all the heated air in the house up the chimney.  The real savings is in the fact that you need not buy a liner system like an insert.  Another advantage is you do not need to Work your damper any longer, the unit is seal tight enough to act as the damper.

Wood Burning Semi Air Tight  -Heat Exchangers 

Ultra Great Original

Stoll Heat ChampionStoll Heat Champion

A fan circulated heat jacket that does not impede chimney cleaning. Also has a unique option for an adjustable cooking grate, and a pot/dutch oven swing hanger. This unit is constructed with a removable screen door in addition to the double stove glass doors.

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