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AFTER recertification of your cylinder that certification is valid for 5 years, and needs to be recertified again.

Please refer to the rules of recertification.

Cylinder recertification must be done 12 years from the date stamped on the cylinder collar.  Recertification should be performed by a Federally Licensed Propane Dealer.  Our Federal License Number is #V100368.  Recertification is FREE!

Cylinder Recertification

Rules for Cylinder Recertification:

  • Cylinder Must Not have over 10% visible rust
  • Blistered or Bubbled Rust is unacceptable
  • Dents larger than a 1/4" not acceptable
  • Valve must be OPD rated with OPD on the Handle
  • Valve cannot have oxydized green Anhydrous staining visible
  • Foot Ring must be intact
  • Bottom of tank must be visually stable
  • All Stamped ID and Specs on collar must be readable
  • Dark Painted Cylinders will not be filled or recertified
  • Any cylinder that shows signs of tampering or abuse

If cylinders brought for recertification are overly greased they need to be cleaned. Cylinders with visible rust should be painted with a light color Rustoleum paint.