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AFTER recertification of your cylinder that certification is valid for 5 years, and needs to be recertified again.

Please refer to the rules of recertification.

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Cylinder recertification must be done 12 years from the date stamped on the cylinder collar.  Recertification should be performed by a Federally Licensed Propane Dealer.  Our Federal License Number is #V100368.  Recertification is FREE!

Cylinder Recertification

Rules for Cylinder Recertification:

  • Cylinder Must Not have over 10% visible rust
  • Blistered or Bubbled Rust is unacceptable
  • Dents larger than a 1/4" not acceptable
  • Valve must be OPD rated with OPD on the Handle
  • Valve cannot have oxydized green Anhydrous staining visible
  • Foot Ring must be intact
  • Bottom of tank must be visually stable
  • All Stamped ID and Specs on collar must be readable
  • Dark Painted Cylinders will not be filled or recertified
  • Any cylinder that shows signs of tampering or abuse

If cylinders brought for recertification are overly greased they need to be cleaned. Cylinders with visible rust should be painted with a light color Rustoleum paint.