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Propane Fill Station Bonus!

We are filling 20lb. Cylinders for a new lower price!

And if you bring in a cylinder that partially full, We only charge you for the pounds you receive!

The Price per pound is the same as the price per pound of a full cylinder.

So if you feel uncomfortable with the amount of propane that's in your cylinder and you got that party coming up, come on in and get it topped off.

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If you have a problem cylinder and have questions about it, bring it to us and we will gladly take a look at it for you and provide recommendations.  If your cylinder requires updating, a new valve system, or recertification we can help!

If in fact you desire to dispose of old cylinders we accept them at no charge. We recycle!

We DO NOT buy used cylinders.

If you desire to use the gas out of an older style cylinder we can usually assist you with an ability to do so.

Recertification service is FREE.

If you have repainted your cylinder (with a light colored paint) we will provide you with the required 1075 Identification Sticker for FREE.

Propane Fill Station

Propane Fill StationWe fill your propane cylinder to it's proper capacity.  You pay for only what you get, we charge by the Pound. The Country Hearth accepts competitor Coupons with their stipulations and expiration dates. We do not exchange, but we do fill exchange cylinders.  We are certified to update valves, and recertify cylinders.  Reconditioned cylinders are available for purchase.  Whether it is a 4lb. 5lb. 10lb. 11lb. 20lb. 30lb. 40lb. 50lb. 60lb. 100lb. Buffer Tank, Forklift tank, or vehical mounted tank, We can fill it!  See business Hours on our HOME PAGE.  We do not provide home delivery, of whole house heating fuel.

Frequent Fillers CardThe Country Hearth will provide you a Frequent Filler Card for 20lb. Grill cylinders only. No expiration date! and if you forget it we will give you another, and at a later date combine them.


Propane Coupon Redemption Policy and Fill Policy: When redeeming a competitors coupon we will follow their filling policies and proceedures. We cannot provide a fill credit on our frequent filler card.  The Country Hearth Cannot provide a stamp on a competitors "Copy Cat" Frequent Filler card, nor apply their stamps to our card.  Our coupons will be redeemed without question according to our specified proceedures and will be applied to our frequent filler card, unless otherwise noted.  FREE fills or certificate for a FREE fill, cannot apply to the "Frequent Fillers Card".  A FREE redemption of a Frequent Filler Card FREE FILL does not apply to the next card.  Partial fills will be applied to the card and an average of those five quantities will be redeemed as credit to the sixth fill.  No cash will be refunded for the Frequent Filler Card.  "Frequent Filler Cards" are for residential customers only!  Frequent Filler Cards are not for Commercial Customers, as Commercial Customers can apply for a Commercial Discount.  Agricultural Tax Free status must be applied for and on file for 30days, prior to any tax free status.  Otherwise Agricultural Use pays the tax and requests from the state a refund. 

The Country Hearth when filling without "others offers" only charges for what you recieve in your cylinder, we believe you should only pay for what you recieve.  We fill to the maximum legal capacity of that particular cylinder.  (Exchange Tanks usually have a capacity of 20lbs. but are only filled through exchange to 15lbs.), so when you exchange you do not recieve a FULL cylinder.