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Vent Free appliances rarely requires any parts. The thermocouple of a vent free appliance is a highly sensitive Selenium quick reacting thermocouple.  The Oxygen Depletion System engineered into the pilot assembly can become dirty and residued fooling the unit that there is not enough oxygen thus shutting the unit down.

The oriface of the pilot is a laser drilled ruby any contact with a metallic substance will render the unit unusable and unsalvageable. We do not recommend attempting cleaning yourself as it can become dangerous, and cause Carbon Monoxide.

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The Country Hearth not only sell Vent Free Wall Heaters but also service them.

Vent Free appliances require annual cleaning. We have a patented method known by no other service center, to economically clean the ODS sensor. Our service carries a one year warranty.

Vent Free Wall Heaters

Vent Free HeatersVent Free Heaters