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What can We Fix For You?

The Country Hearth has fabrication capabilities, fully equipped repair shop, design facility, testing facility.  There isn't much we can't do. 


  • Welding TIG & MIG
  • Brazing
  • Metal Fab
  • Soldering
  • Electric Blower Motor Repair
  • Gas Line and Fittings
  • Combustion Testing


The Country Hearth is a progressive group.  We can help you via the internet or Smart Phone.  Pictures are worth a million words, and video is even better, so we have developed a way to help our customers via Skype, Face Time, Email and Text Messaging.

Example: If you were to take a picture with your Cell Phone and email it with a question to us we will respond and answer questions.  Our staff has been able to help a customer with things as simple as lighting a pilot light utilizing Face Time live.  We have the technology and we are not afraid to use it.

Don't be afraid to send us your ideas, problems, questions - it costs you nothing to make inquiry.

So email: