Gas Grill 101 – Your Educational Guide To Becoming A Grill Master

Please lets all take our seats, and we promise to be brief! Also feel free to print this out or to just save it to your desktop. We will be posting a link to this on our Facebook page Country Hearth Toledo.

Cleaning your grill is a simple, no chemical, no fuss, no effort way to make sure that your grill lasts you for a REALLY LONG TIME. Plus, it prevents flare ups and gross tasting food. lol.

Below are the simple steps to follow:

1. Ignite Grill – Turn all the burners to the highest heat setting.

2. Place a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil, shiny side down on the cooking surface.  *Make sure there is at least 1 inch space on all four sides.

3. Close the lid, and allow to run about 15 min MAXIMUM! If you see a mass of flames and black smoke – turn off burners and and let it burn out with the lid closed.

4. In the event that the grill is excessively dirty, allow the grill to cool, and repeat the process. *When you stop seeing smoke from the grill, you have completed the cleaning process.

5. After the grill has cooled, or at the next cooking, take your brass bristle brush and brush away the white ash.

If you allow grease and grime to lay at the bottom of the grill, it will cause premature deterioration of the burners, grates, and base of your grill.

NEVER EVER USE A CHEMICAL! Don’t use anything like an oven cleaner,  grill cleaner, solvents, bleach, or glass cleaner on the inside of your grill. They are toxic.  Please understand that when the grill surface reaches 175 degrees F even though it’s dirty – it is sanitary.

Coating your cooking surface will help eliminate rust and keep your foods from sticking. After cleaning and brushing the white ash you want to coat the grates with an olive oil. You can use a olive oil spray or a regular olive oil in a bottle and brush it onto the grates. DO NOT USE vegetable oil or grill sprays as we have seen over the years that when these heat up and burn off they tend to leave a hard black plastic ash behind. A good olive oil will seal cracks and chips on your porcelain and will seal steel from rusting. Plus, it makes a great low stick surface and it’s good for you! If you clean and coat every time you’ll love the results! *disclaimer – olive oil on a dirty greasy grate is totally ineffective.

Alright now I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking “um, I opened the lid and didn’t see webs so I don’t have spider”. Welp, you seriously might be wrong. You aren’t looking for a big spider or even a big web. The spiders we are talking about are small and love to live right in the venture tubes of your burner. When you have a spiders nest or nit it can cause a control panel fire and some serious damage. Plus, you can’t blow or wash those bad boys out with an air compressor either. Spider webs are one of the strongest fireproof materials on earth, an actual spider web 1/4″ in diameter can lift a automobile. It only takes a very small blockage to divert the gas back to your control knobs. You need a special brush meant for the job… A spider brush. Use the spider brush to gently clean the venture tubes. Make sure you take the burner out of the grill first.  In the event of a spider flair up – TURN OFF THE PROPANE TANK MANUALLY IMMEDIATELY!

Stay tuned for our next lesson of GRILLING 102 where we discover how to use your natural gas or propane grill for smoking and cooking!

You’re Welcome!









Tank Exchanges… Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Fun Fact:  Did you know when you use a propane tank exchange you are not getting a full tank of propane?

While tank exchanges are SUPER convent, they are not cost effective! One report from 2009 claimed “15 pounds of propane where being put into a 20 pound tanks” (Toledo Blade). That’s a lot of propane you’re missing.

It has been our experience that the majority of our customers hardly ever bring us a completely empty tank. So imagine if that same customer just traded in or gave away that extra propane in exchange for a 3/4 full tank! It just doesn’t make sense.

Not to mention that a decent portion of these exchange tanks are… well.. let’s say less than desirable for safety reasons. Most of the time these tanks have hidden rust and corrosion damage as well as not up to standard safety inspections done on them.  Because the filling method used by the supplier sometimes damages the valve outlet and causes the connection to leak when attached to your grill or appliance.

So, yes are tank exchanges really convenient? Sure! Are you saving any money or time? NOPE.

According to state weights and measures and fair business practice the place where you get your propane filled should only charge you for what you get.  If you have three pounds of propane in your cylinder when you go there for a fill, they should only charge you for 17lbs. not 20lbs.  So how is it that if you trade in a half full cylinder for exchange that you must pay the full price for the exchanged tank.  Or the the fill station who charges a flat rate to fill your tank when it’s half full. WHY?????

Another hint of advise we can give is to call and check with other local propane suppliers or fill stations to see what the price is per pound that day! You might find that those chain places that you go (you know because it’s close and you’ve always gone there) usually charge about .20 higher than you local mom and pop place.

Also there are some deceptive filling stations that charge by the gallon, well just for your knowledge a 20lb. propane cylinder (grill cylinder) holds 4.2 gallons and they are required to weigh the cylinder by weight to determine if there is any propane still in the cylinder. So if they fill your cylinder and it has 1lb. of propane still in it and they attempt to put 4.2 gallons into it, it will be dangerously overfilled.

And just another FYI, the OPD valves shut off when the tank is overfilled. At 90 degrees F, that overfilled tank will expel propane into your trunk and I don’t need to tell you what a car full of propane vapor does when the dome light comes on.  And if you don’t know any other place besides that non-certified chain facility, we suggest Google…

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Zone Heating (What Is It, Why Do I Care, How Do I Do It)

Around here we talk a LOT about “zone heating” so we decided to write this little ditty for you guys to help better explain zone heating…

Zone Heating: Is heating just an area of your home. For instance your furnace will most likely try to heat the whole home to a set temperature, but if you put in a wood burning or gas burning stove, fireplace or heater you could heat either just a living zone which could include the kitchen and dinning room, or basement which could include the laundry area, or enclosed patio which can open to the house.


Sometimes there is always that one room that’s colder than the others, maybe because it’s got three outside walls, or has more windows than other rooms.

What the zone heating appliance heats efficiently, the furnace doesn’t have to.  The furnace is sometimes struggling to heat the house, and the zone appliance takes the inefficient struggle off the furnace.  You can distribute the heat from the zone appliance throughout the house to really take the burden off the furnace by simply putting the fan on your thermostat to the manual position.  This filters and humidifies the air, and it actually costs less in electricity to run a fan constantly then to have it constantly starting and stopping.

Right now the fireplace and hearth industry have a TON of great, efficient options for homeowners to choose from. You’ve got freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, and masonry heaters all that will use firewood, natural gas, oil, coal and even corn or pellets as fuel!

So when you come on in and you hear us ask “have you heard of zone heating” you will know what we are talking about!

You’re Welcome,


Dave’s Top 20 Holiday Gift Guide!

Hey guys!

With the Holidays FAST approaching I wanted to put together a list of all of my MUST HAVE SUPER COOL TOTALLY AWESOME BRAGG-ABLE items to get your special someone (or if you’re like me, maybe you’ll just treat yourself) LOL.

Anyway without further delay here is my must have items I could not live without in particular order.

1 PRIMO Smoker/grill

Okay, I needed to start with beauty! This is MY backyard MUST-HAVE. I use it in the summer, winter, fall, seriously whenever. This model here is the PRIMO oval XL 400 All-In-One (my personal grill) and here’s why I LOVE IT! It grills up to 25 STEAKS AND it’s made in the USA, costs about the same as a green thing, and HAS A FANTASTIC WARRANTY! If you come in this holiday season and ask about a PRIMO I might go into a long drawn out love story between me and mine LOL


My ORION cooler is my constant side-kick! If I am going to a buddies house to watch football or driving my daughter to another long day at volleyball, this cooler IS FULL, COLD, and always with me! Heck, sometimes I just have it full of beer on my back porch because I don’t want to fill my fridge. The cool padded seat lets me be comfortable while hanging out and the sweet colors let other people know THIS IS MY COOLER! Oh and don’t let me forget the sweet accessories you can add on (like wheels, a cutting board, a side table and more). Come on in and see for yourself all that this “cooler” does!

3 Medium Rare Apron

When I first saw this company in Atlanta I KNEW I had to have it ALL! This apron is OUR favorite (and by our I mean my whole family LOVES Medium Rare gear)! From the water repellent fabric to the towel ring on the front – THIS comfortable, durable, and not to mention uhhh… FREAKING COOL looking! You’ll spot me sporting this thing at all times of the year either around the shop or around the house!

4 Sucklebusters BBQ Sauce

Open up my fridge or the shops fridge and you are going to see at least two bottles of Sucklebusters BBQ sauce (one almost gone and one ready to open). The peach is drinkable…. I mean it is SOOOO good you want to drink it and the honey is just AMAZING! I use the whole entire line of Sucklebusters on everything from ribs to jazzing up my Taco Bell – NOT JOKING I LOVE THIS STUFF! Come on into the shop anytime and taste it with us – we are begging you to try it!


Okay, I know you are thinking “really Dave you have a favorite fire starter?” Uh, well of course I do! LOL! Here’s why…. These little packs are the EASIEST and CLEANEST way to light to fire a fire! There is no chemicals to make your food gross and there is ZERO worries if they get wet or damp! Just light the corner and toss them into the fire (plastic and all). People love this so much they come over to my house and grab a handful and leave (jerks)!

6 Outdoor Edge Cut-n-Que Set

This is the ULTIMATE set of at home or portable BBQ supplies! I love the sharpness of the knives and the super handy cutting mats in different colors allow me to cut fish, meat, and veggies on different surfaces. Oh and don’t let me forget the grill tools! Those babies telescope out to 17″ so I don’t get my hands burned. This is super easy to take with me if I am going to someones house (after all I pretty much am the grill master no matters who’s home I go to).

7 Mantle Mount

Okay, now this thing is COOL AND will save you money (which we all love)! So this is an over the fireplace TV mount. Now I know you’re thinking that basically technically any mount can go over the fireplace… Well, sorry but the handles on this one change from black to red when the TV has gotten too much heat – Basically saving your TV from some serious damage! Plus, the wall covers are paintable so it will blend into your home!

8 OFYR Grill

When I first got this guy into my backyard all the neighbors where curious as to what we had. This is not only a super cool fire pit but it is also a grill! Talk about taking my backyard get together’s to a whole new level! It’s super easy to use and it can stay outside uncovered year round! In Ohio that’s important to me! Plus, it’s SOLID – like seriously, it’s not going anywhere! And don’t forget about the log holder in the base. I am telling you this is a head turner in your yard and the extra accessories make this a gift that you can keep adding onto.

9 Blackwood Charcoal

Who says you have to use those carryout lumps of what not to grill with? Seriously, that’s gross…. That’s why I love using this blackwood charcoal! Not only is it 100% natural but it is also 100% sustainable! It’s burns WAY LONGER than any other charcoal I’ve ever used AND burns way hotter too! That means you can use less and save yourself that

10 Primo Digital Remote Thermometer

No matter what I cook on my Primo or gas grill I MUST have my Primo Digital Remote Thermometer! You wanna know how I get that steak to the PERFECT amount of rare? Uhhh, I use this! I put the probe side into the meat and I use the remote side to carry around the house while I prep other foods and check it to make sure I pull the meat off when the proper temp has been hit! PLUS, I can even set it to alert me (just in case I get to carried away with other stuff) when the meat has hit the temp I programmed in! I got myself one about three years ago and I BBQ almost every night and this baby has really stood the test of time! Letting the meat cook with the top closed is the BEST way to get that perfect cut of meat cooked to perfection!

11 Blues Hog BBQ Sauce

Okay, speaking of ribs…. I have a short story to tell about this SERIOUSLY PERFECT BBQ Sauce (this is a true story). So last summer we set up a tent at a rib off (just to show off our cool BBQ stuff) and my wife wanted ribs so she went up to who won last year and they gave her some ribs. She took the first bite and was saddened by the sauce. The rib meat itself was cooked to perfection but the sauce they used lacked in some way. So she went back to the booth and asked for some ribs but with nothing on them. She came back to the booth and opened a jar of this rib sauce and poured it on them. Long story short, THOSE WHERE THE BEST RIBS I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE! In fact when people came by we started giving them samples of the ribs with this sauce and WE SOLD OUT of it in less than an hour! This sauce is THICK with the perfect amount of heat (for those who don’t like spicy). If you stop in we are MORE than happy to give you a taste test just because when we love something so much WE HAVE TO SHARE IT with people! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

12 The 3-in-1 Hibachi BBQ

For those of you that don’t know I am going to let you in on a secret life I have… I have an addiction to tail gating! Heck, sometimes I don’t even need a place to tail gate but my own backyard! BUT this guy took the cake on that! So it all folds down so you can take this hibachi anywhere and when you get to the game just pop it up and BOOM you’ve got yourself a sweet table with four stools and you are ready to be the grill master you’re meant to be! As a bonus you can lift the stainless steel griddle off the top and put on the grill grate, or you can take both off and you’ve got yourself a circular burner to deep fry or boil in! Just imagine showing up to your favorite football teams game to eat some crab legs off this! Great, now I am starving!

13 The Broil King Non-Aerosol Oil Mister

This mister is super cool and handy (indoors and out)! So all you do is put in your favorite olive or cooking oil, pump the cap and spray! Yeah, it’s that easy! I don’t just use this for my grill grates, I use this baby inside as well, like when I make garlic bread and want a fine mist of garlic olive oil on the bread, or even for coating a pan or baking dish really quick before I cook in it! Forget spending TONS of money on that other disposable cooking sprays and grab yourself this! You’ll be super happy you did!

14 Chicago Brick Oven

Now I know you are thinking… “good grief Dave, do you ever go inside”? and the short answer is YES, but my backyard is an extension of my house… So I spend TONS of time out there and what kinda outdoor kitchen would I have if I didn’t HAVE THIS?!?! This isn’t just a pizza oven (I mean it does do that too), this is THE PERFECT AMERICAN MADE Chicago Brick OVEN! Yeah, a backyard OVEN! Wood fire cook anything from S’mores, pasta bread bowls, and even soup! You can even build this guy into your outdoor kitchen setup!

15 Enhance-A-Fire

Now this stuff is SUPER COOL! Plus, you can use some for outdoor firepits! Let me tell a little bit about it. So, you know those dusty old gas logs you’ve got? Well, these can do inside your gas logs, or direct vent gas fireplace and add a little bit of… Well, STYLE! The selection you see above is just two of my personal favorites to add when the mood or season strikes me. But they have all sorts of colored glass, rocks, logs, and more! PLUS, you can buy all sorts of sets and have a new look of your fireplace in seconds and change them out whenever you want! You’ll be surprised at the GIANT selection that we have on this!

16 Ventless Natural Gas Wall Heater

Whats nice about these ceramic plaque heaters is that when you install one into your basement, you will actually feel your floors heat up some. I personally installed one into my homes basement and it helped cut down on my furnace running because we kept the basement door open and the heat just traveled up the stairs! It was perfect, cheap, and efficient. Oh, and this guy has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor – so it would auto shut off if case of lack of oxygen. Another nice thing about them is this guy doesn’t need power to run… So heavy winter storm knocks out your power to your furnace? Just turn this guy on and enjoy the super warmth of 30,000 BTUs!

17 The Smokers Dream Grilling & Smoking Pellets

Pellets are the easiest way to get that rich smoky flavor into your food! But here’s a quick tip: Not all pellets are created equal and THIS BY FAR is THE BEST PELLETS WE’VE EVER HAD! Family owned and operated (we LOVE that) buys the finest hardwoods that New York state has to offer AND instead of oil (like the other guys) these guys use water to and compression to hold them together! This gives you a longer, slower, and cleanest burn ever – thus making you food AH-MAZ-ING! It’s so good you can tell the types just by the natural colors – AGAIN, something we never got using the other guys (so much oil and combined wood made for everything to be the same color).

18 Stoll Wall

Have you ever seen a WALL so FREAKING COOL before? We bet you haven’t! Here’s why we CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS! Because it SAVES US TONS of money and labor! NO MORE tile, stone, or finding a person to do it… This is a custom made STEEL wall that literally goes up within hours! And the styles and colors and customization that comes with this is UNBELIEVABLE! When we saw this at the HPBA we knew we need to have one in our shop and at my house! Not only was the measurements easy to take and the panels easy to assemble it saved me LOADS of re-drywall work behind it! Once you see this in real life you will fall in love just as hard as we did!

19 Patio Heater

Give yourself the illusion of the endless summer!!!! These super HOT patio heaters are perfect for those colder nights and yet you still wanna grill! The propane tank sits inside the unit AND it has 4 cup holders around it so your guests can stand around and put there drink down. Now I know you can get these from those big box stores, BUT if you buy one of these, YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET IT REPAIRED! So yeah talk about a huge savings!

20 Plancha Grill

Now lets say you are just getting started in the backyard/hibachi sort of grilling but don’t want to make a huge investment BUT want a really high quality product… Then this Plancha grill is the PERFECT fit for you! Everyone who gets this (including myself) LOVES it! Easy to use, clean, and store this thing has all the bases covered! Want breakfast outside? Just heat this bad boy up and go! PLUS, you don’t need some super fancy cart for this either. Some people have just stacked bricks, and some just have it on there old grill cart.

So, there you have it folks… MY TOP 20 FAVORITE THINGS that maybe you or your family would love as well for this holiday season! And don’t be shy about calling or emailing for prices! We can hook you up for this holiday season! 419-531-6622 or

Your Welcome,







A Simple Guide To Help You Measure Your Fireplace

Hey folks!

Sometimes we get customers in who say “I want a new set of gas logs” and then we ask “what size?” and they reply with “standard”.

Welp, we’ve got some bad news… Fireplaces have all different sizes. Unlike a dishwasher, washing machine or heck even a refrigerator, fireplaces can come in a wide variety of sizes and in order for us to fit you with the best set of gas logs possible we need to know the size of the floor of the fireplace.

For instance we would hate (and you would hate) if you bought a sweet expensive set of gas logs that are 18″ only to find out you have about an extra 10″ on each side because your fireplace is a 38″ base… Just think of tiny logs in a big space, kinda laughable huh! LOL.

There is one exception:  If you want fireplace doors, or a whole Gas Insert appliance then a very important measurement, the height of the opening also is needed. So lets call that the “D” dimension =_____________

So in order to help you, help us… We made this handy dandy printable sheet that you can bring in with you!

*Click the image below and hit print. Fill in your measurements of A, B, and C and bring it with you.


















You’re Welcome,













So, You Want A Fire Of Some Sort… Now What?

We often get customers who come in and want a fireplace (or some sort of fire in there house) and often times they are overwhelmed with all the options that are available out there! There are tons of things to choose from, you’ve got gas logs, gas inserts, wood burning fireplaces, wood burning inserts, wood burning stoves, vented and vent free,  this or that… I mean the list is sometimes overwhelming to us. LOL.

So before you buy ask yourself these questions and this will help us better find something that will fit your needs.

Ready? Lets go!

  1. Where do I want it? Today’s products let you put one in the bathroom, office, bedroom and more. Pick a spot
  2. Do I wanna update the current fireplace or stove I have now? Maybe you don’t like the look or feel of your current fireplace, heck, maybe you never use it and just put pillows or flowers in front of it to block people from seeing it… This, most of the time, is an easy and cost effective solution.
  3. Do I want it for looks or for heat? Some options we have are just for looks others will heat the whole room AND look good at the same time!
  4. What fuel will I be using? Are you gonna use propane, natural gas, coal, wood, electric?
  5. Is heat during a power outage important to me? Serious question here folks…. Power outages can be scary and with the winter storms coming heat will be needed…
  6. Do I want heat with the PUSH of a button? Some gas units do have remotes – it’s best to know this before you purchase because some units can not have that added on later.
  7. Whats my budget? Some products range from a few hundred dollars and some are thousands, it’s up to you, what you want, what you need, and what you might be willing to set your budget for.

If you come in prepared with all these questions we can not only serve you faster but we can show you EXACTLY what you may want quicker, and provide a more accurate quote.

This is your house and we wanna make you happy.

Your Welcome,





Vented Or Vent Free – The Gas Log Breakdown

Okay so you think you might want gas logs but you’re really not even sure what the heck that means… Well… Here let me help you.

Gas logs are a quick and cheaper way to either heat your home or to add some cool flare to your already sweet style.

Gas logs come in two varieties…. VENTED and VENT FREE. Now I know what you are thinking… So what does that mean?

Vented gas logs need a fully functional wood burning fireplace, and vent free gas logs can be installed in either a wood burning fireplace, or a vent less fireplace (in other words doesn’t have a flue). Vent free gas logs will produce more heat, while vented gas logs tend to look much more realistic.

We do not recommend vent free gas logs for ANYONE who may have breathing problems or health issues.  But Vent Free Log sets can be vented if installed in a functional wood burning fireplace.  Vent Free Gas Logs use much less gas than vented log sets.

Almost all gas logs (vented or vent free that is remote ready) can be put on a remote WHICH IS COOL because you can seriously just hit a button and BAM you’ve got fire!

Now there are seriously TONS of other cool things you can do to your Vented Gas Logs that you either purchase or maybe you just want your current set jazzed up.

  1. Add more glowing embers.
  2. Have our service dudes come out and fix or adjust the logs themselves (please let us do this getting the flame and combustion right is critical for safety – We aren’t joking here.)
  3. Add log enhancers like sea shells or rocks (again, all this stuff is MADE for going into your fireplace so don’t toss in those shells you brought back from Florida into your fireplace).
  4. Use fire glass instead of logs – Special made glass that is full of bright colors to add a more modern look.

With Vent Free Logs the Log Placement is absolutely critical, and the amount of embers are very specific.  The only decor that can be added would be around on the floor of the fireplace itself,  around the log set.

Again when thinking about adding anything like this please EMAIL us with pictures or call us (1-419-531-6622) and we can walk you through everything you need to know before you buy!

Education is key to understanding your gas log set and as always WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

And don’t forget to share this with your friends, after all sharing is caring!

You’re Welcome!











Grill Fire? Your Top 5 Safety Tips You Need To Know NOW!

Hey guys!

I recently got a evening phone call from a seriously dear/best friend who was casually cooking on her grill. Now, I am not looking to put her on blast so I am going to change her name to Sally.

So Sally and I where on the phone chit chatting about stuff, and both of us are knocking back a few brewski’s, then suddenly I hear Sally yell to her kid to get a glass of water… Well, technically it went more like “OH Sh@#! GET ME A HUGE GLASS OF WATER! HURRY! SH#%!”. Now Sally and I live in the same city and kinda close to each other, so I was forced to ask “what the heck is going on?” Praying she isn’t going to burn down the city.

That’s the moment Sally had told me she needed to throw water on the grill fire! Now I could’ve been a huge jerk and been like “that’s cool Sally have at it”, but I wasn’t, I was like “NO DEAR LORD PLEASE DON’T!!! ARE YOU NUTS?!?!”

So in light of Sally’s terrible mistake or her potential to burn down her house… This post, Sally is for you!

Here Are 5 Steps To Take If You Have A Grill Fire!!!

  1. DO NOT PUT WATER ON IT! While a fire is a fire and your gut instinct is to grab for water, in a grill is much more likely a grease fire and we all learned that water doesn’t mix with grease.
  2. Turn the grill to off. Shutting the flow of fuel to your grill will allow the fire to just burn the grease.
  3. Shut the lid (if possible). Shutting the lid simply cuts down on the oxygen the fire needs to burn.
  4. Shut the fuel off. Turn the propane or gas off! If it’s coal, the shutting of the venting system will also let the fire burnout.
  5. Take a moment & breath. If the fire is still going strong you can dump baking soda on it.

And the BEST WAY TO NOT have a grill fire is…. (insert cool drum roll).


It’s true, your fire was most likely started from grease. You know all that wonderful fatty delicious meat you cooked about a week ago? Well that meat had fats in it and those fats once cooked leaked and dripped all over creating the most wonderful place to start a fire.

Now we aren’t talking so clean that I can put it back on my showroom floor, but clean it following these steps.

  1. Turn the grill on (either before you cook on it or after you cook on it, before is preferred because the grease protects the grates when not in use)
  2. Place foil shiny side down on the grates (this concentrates the heat back down on the grates)
  3. Monitor for around 15 min. The grill will start smoking . Pro Tip:  White smoke is good, Black smoke is a grease fire! Turn grill off and wait….do not open the lid!
  4. Turn grill off
  5. remove foil
  6. Use a grill brush or stone (we carry both in our store) to gently remove the food and gross from the grates (at this point, most of the grease, and food particles should have burned away leaving nothing more than ashes)
  7. Remove and dump the grease tray
  8. Sit back and relax!

See… It’s really not that hard and soon you will actually be in the habit of doing that!

So in short.. Don’t EVER THROW WATER on a grill fire!

You’re Welcome,



To Cover Or Not To Cover… That Is The Question

Another huge question we get here at Country Hearth is if you should cover your grill… And our short answer is:

NO! Not in this region of the country (remember we are out of Toledo Ohio).

“Why?” You ask.

First of all in this region of the country especially around the Great Lakes, where we have a very high humidity, even in the winter.  This humidity around these parts is a slightly acidic humidity.  Putting a cover on your car or grill traps this moisture under the cover and deteriorates the metal parts prematurely.

Also, covering your grill creates the BEST ENVIRONMENT for rodents, spiders, and other creepy crawly critters.  And in this Great Lakes region we have a lot of various pests that seek harbor in enclosed spaces. Just this summer season alone we have pulled out numerous nests. And don’t get us started on the AWFUL smell mice urine leaves on your grill once they have been evicted from their grill home. YUCK!

Now, I know a lot of you are gonna say, “yeah, but it keeps my grill clean”. You know what else keeps your grill clean? A hose (trust us, a hose will clean up that stainless steel beauty you have. Heck, we have even had people tells us baby oil or those stainless wipes do the trick as well).

Some people even say that the grill is too ugly to be seen, and that’s why they have a grill cover… Well, we have bad news for you on that point, too… A grill cover traps moisture on the inside, causing rust, corrosion, and paint to peel… Giving you that “ugly grill” look.

Covering it doesn’t help STOP it from falling apart, but actually helps speedup the process.

Please don’t get us wrong we would love to sell you a cover, but it would be a disservice to do so.  Disclaimer Alert: This is a regional issue, and is not true in other parts of the country.  We do business in the Great Lakes area and for thirty years have seen the results of covers.

In the winter – lift the lid ignite the grill close lid and the snow will melt away, and your ready to cook.

So, we get it… You love that football team or you that grill to last you forever… If that’s the case put a flag up for the team and leave that beautiful grill shine like the diamond she is!

You’re Welcome,