To Cover Or Not To Cover… That Is The Question

Another huge question we get here at Country Hearth is if you should cover your grill… And our short answer is:

NO! Not in this region of the country (remember we are out of Toledo Ohio).

“Why?” You ask.

First of all in this region of the country especially around the Great Lakes, where we have a very high humidity, even in the winter.  This humidity around these parts is a slightly acidic humidity.  Putting a cover on your car or grill traps this moisture under the cover and deteriorates the metal parts prematurely.

Also, covering your grill creates the BEST ENVIRONMENT for rodents, spiders, and other creepy crawly critters.  And in this Great Lakes region we have a lot of various pests that seek harbor in enclosed spaces. Just this summer season alone we have pulled out numerous nests. And don’t get us started on the AWFUL smell mice urine leaves on your grill once they have been evicted from their grill home. YUCK!

Now, I know a lot of you are gonna say, “yeah, but it keeps my grill clean”. You know what else keeps your grill clean? A hose (trust us, a hose will clean up that stainless steel beauty you have. Heck, we have even had people tells us baby oil or those stainless wipes do the trick as well).

Some people even say that the grill is too ugly to be seen, and that’s why they have a grill cover… Well, we have bad news for you on that point, too… A grill cover traps moisture on the inside, causing rust, corrosion, and paint to peel… Giving you that “ugly grill” look.

Covering it doesn’t help STOP it from falling apart, but actually helps speedup the process.

Please don’t get us wrong we would love to sell you a cover, but it would be a disservice to do so.  Disclaimer Alert: This is a regional issue, and is not true in other parts of the country.  We do business in the Great Lakes area and for thirty years have seen the results of covers.

In the winter – lift the lid ignite the grill close lid and the snow will melt away, and your ready to cook.

So, we get it… You love that football team or you that grill to last you forever… If that’s the case put a flag up for the team and leave that beautiful grill shine like the diamond she is!

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