So, You Want A Fire Of Some Sort… Now What?

We often get customers who come in and want a fireplace (or some sort of fire in there house) and often times they are overwhelmed with all the options that are available out there! There are tons of things to choose from, you’ve got gas logs, gas inserts, wood burning fireplaces, wood burning inserts, wood burning stoves, vented and vent free,  this or that… I mean the list is sometimes overwhelming to us. LOL.

So before you buy ask yourself these questions and this will help us better find something that will fit your needs.

Ready? Lets go!

  1. Where do I want it? Today’s products let you put one in the bathroom, office, bedroom and more. Pick a spot
  2. Do I wanna update the current fireplace or stove I have now? Maybe you don’t like the look or feel of your current fireplace, heck, maybe you never use it and just put pillows or flowers in front of it to block people from seeing it… This, most of the time, is an easy and cost effective solution.
  3. Do I want it for looks or for heat? Some options we have are just for looks others will heat the whole room AND look good at the same time!
  4. What fuel will I be using? Are you gonna use propane, natural gas, coal, wood, electric?
  5. Is heat during a power outage important to me? Serious question here folks…. Power outages can be scary and with the winter storms coming heat will be needed…
  6. Do I want heat with the PUSH of a button? Some gas units do have remotes – it’s best to know this before you purchase because some units can not have that added on later.
  7. Whats my budget? Some products range from a few hundred dollars and some are thousands, it’s up to you, what you want, what you need, and what you might be willing to set your budget for.

If you come in prepared with all these questions we can not only serve you faster but we can show you EXACTLY what you may want quicker, and provide a more accurate quote.

This is your house and we wanna make you happy.

Your Welcome,





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