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Professional Quality Chimney Cleaning Brushes and Rods

Each type of Chimney Brush are sold in many Square, Rectangular, and Round sizes.

Please tell us the interior size of your chimney!

Chimney Brushes and Cleaning Products

Round Wire Brushes are used for Light Cleaning and Maintenaince of Masonary Tile Chimneys, they are sized according to the ID (Interior Dimension) of the tile chimney.


Round Wire Brush

This type of brush is usually not recommended for prefab metal chimneys as it may permanently score the interior surface making it more difficult to clean and/or attract creosote more rapidly.  The damage this could cause to a metal chimney would be permanent.


Round Bristle Hard Plasic Brushes are typically used for metal prefabricated chimney systems and liner systems, as they will not scratch the interior surface of the chimney.Poly Brush for Prefab Metal Chimneys


The Flat Bristle brush is used for aggresive cleaning. Each blade is like a sharp scraper and fits very tightly into the tile chimney flute. It is used for gouging and heavy removal. This type of brush must be used with presicion so as not to damage or create permanent scratching of the chimney.Flat Wire Agressive Cleaning


Three Levels of Quality of Chmney Brush Rods are available typically 6 ft. lengths.  Light Duty, Commercial, and Professional.Chimney Brush Rods